RAFIPOL jest bezpośrednim producentem i importerem oświetlenia diodowego LED


RAFIPOL is a direct manufacturer and importer of LED diode illuminations. For the last years the company has earned its well based position on the market. We are receiving positive feedback from users across Poland and other countries prizing our products. Good relation between price and quality together with reliability, form the base for choosing to buy our products. Numbers of happy customers is consequently and dynamically increasing.
Continuously increasing prices of energy sources force using energy saving light sources. Diode lamps LED enable saving up to ten times more energy. There is no heating process and connected with it loss of energy common in case of energy saving light bulbs. Therefore LED lights are perfect for use in living premises and everywhere, where light is often turned off and on. Diode lamps do not strain eyes and do not have negative influence on our physical and mental state because there are neither UV rays nor light oscillation.

Life of LED lamps is very long - even up to  100.000 working hours, which gives an average of 11 years of continuous work.
RAFIPOL  lights are manufactured in China and packed in our own, company boxes with trade name RAFIPOLED.

• Feel free to browse our offer.
• Best quality and lowest prices guaranteed.
• Our products are covered by guarantee and have CE and RoHS certificates.
• We do not sell retail.

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